About us

TransAlpha Trading is a physical oil trading company and has an extensive and dependable global network for the supply and sales of refined petroleum products.

We are specialized in the worldwide marketing, distribution and trading of refined petroleum products as Fuel, Gasoil, Diesel, Jet Fuel (COLONIAL GRADE 54, JET A1, TS1),...

Depending on the buyer's profile, requirement and his capacity, TransAlpha Trading act as Title Holder or in some exceptional cases as legal seller's representative.

Our Seasoned team has decades of experience and are dedicated to success, characterized by unwavering adherence to professionalism, integrity and transparency in a working environment that is supportive of our values.

Corporate social responsibility is a fundamental principle of TransAlpha Trading operation. The Company's activities in this area are of systematic nature and they are aimed at creating efficient and safe working places, securing social protection of workers and members of their families, ongoing professional development of staff and maintaining a favorable social environment in the regions of the Company's activity.

Humanitarian actions & events:

Regularly, TransAlpha Trading sponsors for humanitarian purposes events and actions. This year TransAlpha Trading became an official sponsor of the 4L trophy by sponsoring a full team.

The 4L Trophy is a great human, sporting and solidarity adventure. Rooted in the DNA of the 4L Trophy, solidarity with the local population is not an empty word. Witness of the great emotion that grips each year the participants at the ceremony of the presentation of donations organized in partnership with the association "Children of the desert," one of the great highlights of this adventure.

Some numbers: During the last edition, the 18th Raid 4L Trophy, 1159 crews either 2318 participants from over 1460 Universities for a single starting in Biarritz, aboard the legendary 4L . In Focus, Marrakech, final destination of a journey of 10 days and nearly 6000 kilometers swallowed on the roads of France, Spain and on the slopes of Morocco. All these elements make the Raid 4L Trophy the largest student race in Europe.

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Shares acquisition: agent immobilier carte

In 2015, TransAlpha Trading SLU, has acquire 38% of the capital of Immo Advisors, a French real estate company, leader in the sector of real estate agencies development such as carte agent immobilier and provide services as location carte T or to acquire the carte agent immobilier  .

Leader in France for real estate agencies development, Immo Advisors is currently developing with success their services in UK thru their London Office.