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Quantity available: From 500,000 bbls

JET A-1: is an aviation fuel formerly known as "kerosene" which is suitable for most jet aircraft.

It meets stringent international requirements, particularly those of the latest versions of the AFQRJOS, the British DEF STAN 91-91 standard, the ASTM D1655 standard, and the NATO F-35 specification.

It has a minimum flashpoint of 38°C  and a maximum freezing point of -47°C.

JET A-1 is the principal fuel used for jet turbine engines. It is also used in general aviation for compatible diesel engine planes.

COLONIAL GRADE 54 KEROSENE:  Jp54 is an abbreviation for “Jet Propulsion, A1, Colonial Grade 54″. During the refining process only 15% of the crude oil is made up of JP54 the rest of the grade is used for different types of plastic.

JP54 powers gas turbines aircraft engines. Jet A and A-1 have specifications that can be used in fuel worldwide. Jet B is used in cold weather elements.

Diesel D2 Gost 305-82:

Quantity available: From 50,000 MT

D2 diesel GOST 305-82: fuel is the broad category for the second distillate of crude oil. Ultra-low sulfur grades of D2, such as GOST 305-82, reduce sulfur content to a maximum of 0.02 percent and reduce sulfur pollution emissions.

Diesel fuel is often used in diesel engines. Diesel engines, also called compression ignition engines, rely on the temperature increase of compression, rather than on spark plugs, to achieve reliable ignition timing and combustion efficiency.

Mazut M100 Gost 10585-99 & Gost 10585-75:

Quantity available: From 50,000 MT

Fuel oil mazut 100 is supplied according to the Russian technical specification GOST 10585-99 & GOST 10585-75, section for fuel oil, mazut sort 100. This kind of oil is graded as the heavy furnace oil. The product is produced from the remains of raw oil processing.

The main difference in the different kinds of mazut 100 is the content of sulphur.


The grades are:

-- very low sulphur mazut with sulphur content 0,5%

-- low sulphur mazut with sulphur content 0,5-1,0%

-- normal sulphur mazut with sulphur content 1,0-2,0%

-- high sulphur mazut with sulphur content 2,0-3,5%

TransAlpha Trading Export terms, quotes & procedure:

Basis Procedure CIF ASWP:

For any informations concerning our procedures CIF/FOB &/or daily Prices/Quotations, contact us directly thru our contact form.

CIF West Europe current prices:

Jet A1: Platts -$6 per BBL; D2 gost 305-82: Platts -$30 per MT ; M100 gost 10585-75: Platts -$30 per MT ; LPG: UPON REQUEST

JP-54 : Platts -$6 per BBL; EN590 10PM-D5: Platts -$30 per MT ; M100 gost 10585-99: Platts -$30 per MT ; Virgin Fuel oil D6: UPON REQUEST

----> For Fixed price, contact us directly for immediate quotation

We currently don't deal with crude oil, please DO NOT contact us regarding crude oil offers, export or import.

CIF ASWP procedure:

Delievery delay: to be confirmed once buyer's ICPO / Profile is approved.

 We reserve the right to ask to the buyer a past performance record or a proof of funds if the provided informations are not sufficient.

1)  Buyer issues ICPO along with BCL (bank comfort letter) confirming buyer's financial capacity to enter into the transaction.

2)  Seller issues CI & Contract for buyer and seller signing.

3)  Buyer signs and returns the signed draft contract to the seller for final endorsement.

4)  Seller issues to the buyer the proof of product for the buyer’s verification which includes the following,

A)  Refinery commitment to supply,

B)  Statement of product availability,

 C)  SGS report of fuel Quality for goods specification acceptance,

D)  Passport of Product,

E)  Seller notice of readiness to Export the commodity

F)  Q88 of intended vessel to be hired from the shipping agent,

G)  Shipping agent agreement letter to provide vessel.

5)  Buyer issues DLC (MT700) covering the total cost of goods to the seller within 5 banking days.

6)  Upon confirmation of the DLC, the seller commences the loading of the product onboard the seller’s hired vessel and
provides to the buyer the following documents,

H) SGS report of the loaded vessel

I) Loading Certificate
J) Bill of Lading
K) Clean on Board B/L
L) Cargo Manifest

7)  The vessel commences sailing to the buyer’s destination port

8)  Upon arrival of the commodity in buyer’s destination port, buyer conducts inspections on the product and makes payment
for the full cargo within 72 hours

9)  Seller pays intermediaries involved in the transaction.


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