Paymaster service

Paymaster & Fiduciary services:

We offer a paymaster service to individuals, corporations, international companies and specially to brokers and traders involved in the trade of raw materials, commodities or agricultural products.

Experienced traders, such as buyers & sellers, agents, brokers and intermediaries can use our independant and neutral third party paymaster service.

Our paymaster services are offer thru our private bank located in the Principality of Andorra, which guarantee you a high lever of security, reliability and confidence during the transaction.

Furthermore be informed that our private bank used for paymaster service has one of the highest solvability & liquidity ratio in Europe.

Alternatively, we can also offer you a paymaster & fiduciary service through our HSBC bank account in UK (Listed Top 5 world Bank) & our wholly subsidiary company in London (United Kingdom).

For reminder, the paymaster is not party to the transaction. Part of the paymaster's job is to insure & secure the payment of the funds & commissions to each party (trader, broker, intermediary, buyer, seller,...) involved in the transaction.

We do not charge fixed fees upon validation of the transaction, our comissions for paymaster service is based on the volume (amount) of the transaction and the complexity of the transaction (between 1% and 5%) and does not incude the bank's fees for compliance or wire transfer.

For further informations regarding the procedures, due diligence (compliance) and documents needed to use and enter into a transaction by using our paymaster or fiduciary service, please contact us thru our contact page.


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July 2019: TransAlpha Trading now also offer a paymaster & fiduciary service through HSBC Bank in UK (Top 5 world Bank) and our wholly subsidiary company in London (UK).